LIRR’s Massapequa Station rehab enters next phase

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

The next segment of a $40-million facelift of the Long Island Rail Road's (LIRR) Massapequa Station started August 21, as the railroad continues the work it began in the spring on a two-year rehabilitation project.


The LIRR is replacing the station platform, canopy, staircases, elevator and escalator, as well as the platform waiting room, lighting, public address system and signage. The railroad is also starting work on the installation of a pocket track just east of the station that will improve train service and frequency, as well as on-board seat availability.

The project represents the biggest improvement effort at Massapequa Station since the station was raised from street level in 1953. The LIRR will carry out the work in three phases arranged to ensure that train service continues uninterrupted throughout the project, though some schedule changes may be necessary at times.

The newest phase (1B) of the Massapequa platform project is expected to continue through early spring 2014.


Categories: Commuter/Regional, OFF Track Maintenance