HDR transit expert shares strategies for CIG funding success

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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HDR’s Mark Fuhrmann is a Capital Investments Grants expert.

The competition for federal transit grants is stiff. HDR's Mark Fuhrmann offers guidance on how to navigate the process.

What does it take to secure federal grants for transit projects? More than $2 billion a year is dedicated to funding investments in rail, streetcar and bus rapid transit projects in the Federal Transit Administration’s Capital Investment Grants program. But there are more eligible projects than funding, and competition is stiff.

Knowing how to navigate the program, what the FTA is looking for and what to expect can give U.S. transit agencies a leg up on accessing these funds. Transit and grant expert Mark Fuhrmann addressed these questions in the latest from HDR’s Experts Talk interview series. With more than 30 years of experience, Fuhrmann has helped secure grants for multiple agencies and is a key part of HDR’s team that helped clients secure half of the CIG awards made by the FTA from 2017 through early 2021.

“Agencies that received a grant in the past may find that the process is markedly different than they remember,” Fuhrmann said. “Experts in the process who work on grants across the nation are up to date on changes as well as nimble and flexible when it comes to new revisions.”

Read the whole transit CIG funding interview to learn more about the CIG program, discover insights on creating successful applications, explore the timeline of projects and uncover the biggest hurdles for agencies pursuing these grants.

HDR’s Experts Talk interview series shines a light on various aspects of transportation infrastructure design and delivery. Each subject matter expert offers unique expertise and insights about new and ongoing trends, emerging technologies and the human side of infrastructure.

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