Nevada DOT supports Las Vegas “X” Train

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Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. ("X" Train) received support from the state of Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) for the X Train as the viable short term conventional passenger rail project in the state of Nevada for the zero-five year time frame.

The determination was presented by the NDOT at a public meeting on February 13, 2012 in Las Vegas where the NDOT made public its findings as part of the statewide Nevada State Rail Plan.

The NDOT conducted a comprehensive interview process with more than 30 stakeholders such as railroad companies, Amtrak, governmental transportation agencies and private project parties. The X Train was selected as a project targeted for support by the NDOT.

NDOT support identifies access to public funding of various project types for the X Train including infrastructure improvement, RRIF loans, TIGER Grants, EDA Grants and other financing sources, which could be of value to the X Train. The Company plans to pursue these opportunities and funding sources exclusive to passenger rail projects.

Las Vegas Railway Express, Inc. has been planning for the establishment of a “Vegas-style” passenger train service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas since early 2009. Roundtrip service is planned for Thursday through Monday each week with an introductory price of $99 each way, which includes a First Class accommodation and all-inclusive food & beverage, just like the airline industry. In addition, the X Train will also offer the ability for its passengers to book hotel rooms, transportation transfers, entertainment and show tickets and other travel incidentals.

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