Orange County updates Next 10 Delivery Plan

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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Metrolink is one of the beneficiaries of Orange County’s “Measure M” program.
Orange Country Transportation Authority

Orange Country seems well-positioned for transportation infrastructure improvements during the next couple of decades.

The Orange Country Transportation Authority board has adopted the updated version of what they call the “Next 10 Delivery Plan.” This plan is focused on improving transit, street, and freeway improvements in the county through 2030. The plan is funded by the “Measure M” half-cent sales tax for transportation improvements that won strong voter approval in 2006.

“We are proud the Next 10 Plan sets a clear path to continue delivering on the Measure M promises to voters,” said OCTA Chairman Andrew Do, also the county’s First District Supervisor. “Even with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, sound planning and financial management have translated directly to real benefits for Orange County’s entire transportation system. Whether you take the bus, train, drive, bike or walk, we continue working to make your trip a better one.”

In addition to various road improvements, addition plan objectives include investments in transit, including completing construction and starting service of the OC Streetcar, sustaining Metrolink service and improving stations, along with enhancing mobility for seniors and persons with disabilities.

With Orange County’s population projected to increase dramatically by 2030, improvements to transit are necessary to ensure a balanced and sustainable transportation system.

Thanks to strategic investments and strong fiscal responsibility throughout the years, OCTA remains in a good financial position to uphold voter commitments and deliver transportation benefits to keep Orange County moving.

To ensure projects and programs are delivered, OCTA is carefully managing the scope and cost of projects, taking advantage of competitive construction market conditions, and pursuing external grants to supplement Measure M funds wherever possible.

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