Light-rail network not a sure thing in Hamilton, Ontario

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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The MBTA has executed a $1.75 billion capital spending plan in FY 2021.

Before officials take a final vote on a light-rail network in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, local MP Bob Bratina wants another vote of confidence.

Bratina wants the federal funding for the project reviewed as the Hamilton city council considers making a decision on whether or not to endorse the network. The city council may take a vote on June 16.

Federal and provincial governments have approved $3.4 billion for a 14.4-km light-rail line that would connect Stoney Creek to McMaster University. Three Stoney Creek councillors on the city council say they will vote against the memorandum of understanding on light-rail transit.

If a light-rail line is built, the city of Hamilton would only be responsible for the cost of operating it, which is projected to be $20 million a year. On June 14, University of Toronto Urban Planning Professor Chris Higgins said the cost of running a light-rail line would be half of running a rapid bus line. Some officials who are against the light-rail project are pushing bus transit.

Bratina wants to make sure project cost and funding is enough to meet the objects of the project.

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