Another fire destroys nearly 100-year-old railroad bridge

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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The owner of a bridge that was destroyed by wildfires in the state of Washington are trying to decide how they will replace the span.

Labor Day weekend fires were working their way through territory in the western U.S., and one of them engulfed a Yakima River railroad bridge in the state of Washington.

The wooden trestle bridge, which is believed to be almost 100 years old, is used by the Central Washington Railroad. The short-liner leases the span from BNSF. Central Washington Railroad President Brig Temple says several hundred feet of the structure is gone.

The railroad bridge fire destroyed several hundred feet of the span.
This picture shows the bridge in flames.
Firefighters were busy trying to save houses in the area.

Trains use the line to ship agricultural products. One local farmer, Brian Stott, tried to point out hot spots to firefighters. However, the first responders’ priority was to try to save homes in the area.

Investigators do not know what caused the fire, but strong winds hampered the extinguishing effort.

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