Loram Expands Facilities in Texas

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor

GEORGETOWN, Texas – Loram plans an expansion of its Georgetown facilities.

Loram has announced its’ plans to expand its current offices in Georgetown, Texas with a brand-new facility totaling 92,000 square feet by 2025.

KVUE reported Loram’s President, Greg Grissom’s comments on the plans to develop solutions for railroads that “we operate inspection technology that goes down the railroad track, accesses the tracks for defects and prioritizes maintenance for railroads. . . We are able to go down the track at 25 mph and detect if the crossties are hollow. There is a 3D laser profiling technology that capture hi-res images”. In building these special trucks that allow them to do this work, the trucks will have x-ray capabilities.

The expanded facility will allow Loram to bring on 300 new employees while it invests $17 million into the plans. The Director of Economic Development in Georgetown, Cameron Goodman said with the hiring of new employees, that “this is another big economic boost for the fastest growing city in the country”. 

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