Colorado adds safety signs at grade crossings

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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CTC, Inc., shipped 52 "Do Not Stop on Tracks" signs that use LED technology to Colorado for installation at 26 grade crossings.

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and some local municipalities are installing the signs to heighten driver awareness of potential train presence at crossings.

The E-signs, which are manufactured for and distributed by CTC, feature patented BlinkerSign® technology around the perimeter of the sign.

“The LEDs flash 24/7 or can be programmed to flash when a vehicle or train is detected near the crossing,” said Danny Fregia, director, railroad applications, for CTC.

The idea is to draw drivers’ attention to the fact that a train could be approaching the crossing and is intended to deter drivers from trying to go through a crossing when a train is present.

According to the Federal Railroad Administration, Colorado accidents at grade crossings are among the lowest in the nation. However, in 2012, two fatalities resulted when drivers failed to stop at Colorado crossings when trains were approaching.

“Any tool that we can use to save lives is a welcome addition to our transportation tool kit,” said Mat Flores, CDOT statewide utilities engineer. “The flashing lights disrupt a driver’s expectations and should draw his or her attention to the crossing, resulting in a significant safety benefit.”

Drivers will begin seeing the CTC E-signs in the metro Denver area in late February 2013, as crews complete the installations.

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