Charleston, S.C., looking at major project to eliminate at-grade railroad crossings

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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The city of Charleston wants to eliminate three at-grade crossings.
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The city of Charleston, S.C., wants to eliminate some at-grade rail crossings, and is ready to put up some serious money to do so.

A $250 million project is gaining traction among state lawmakers and city officials. State Rep. Kirkman Finlay is on the budget writing committee and is asking for $35 million alone to create flyovers or overpasses on Rosewood Drive, Assembly Street and Huger Street. Finlay said the city would contribute $15 million for the projects, and the federal government could provide another $200 million for the work.

Finlay is marking the $35 million as a budget proviso, which is a line in the state budget that would give temporary authorization for the use of state money. Finlay is confident the money will be approved. No start date has been discussed, but the projects could take up to seven years to complete.

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