NJ Transit CEO puts job on the line if PTC deadline is not met

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Federal funding continues to support transit systems as they deal with impact of Covid-19.
NJ Transit

NJ Transit CEO Kevin Corbett says his agency will meet the Dec. 31 federal deadline for the successful installation of Positive Train Control (PTC). In fact, he’s so confident he is willing to put his paycheck on the line.

Speaking on Dec. 9, Corbett assured the public that everything will be in place by the end of the year, otherwise, “you’ll be talking to a new CEO,” Corbett said.

NJ Transit will be fined $25,000 a day if it fails to meet the federal deadline, and could be barred from running trains on tracks operated by Amtrak.

In a third quarter PTC report, federal regulators said NJ Transit was the only carrier in the U.S. at risk of missing the Dec. 31 mark. Through September, NJ Transit reported PTC was in use on passenger-carrying trains on six of its 12 rail lines and a little less than half of its 376 miles of track. According to Parsons project manager Terry Fetters, all lines had begun using the system on passenger trains this week.

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