L.B. Foster Unveils New Global Website

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of L.B. Foster

PITTSBURGH – After a year-long consultation, L.B. Foster has announced its new global website that houses a global rail segment and an infrastructure segment.

L.B. Foster announced it has unveiled a “new brand purpose and visual identity” via a new global website. The site “represents the forward-thinking vision and purpose of the company,” and comes as the result of a 12-month consultation with key stakeholders both inside and outside the company. L.B. Foster says the objective of this consultation was to “articulate and present a customer-centric organization that has a clear vision and core purpose.”

Its new core purpose: “We innovate to solve global infrastructure challenges” captures the broad nature of its solutions and market applications. According to the report, LB Foster has five primary areas of influence “that add value to our customer partnerships.” 

  1. Enabling safety
  2. Improving information flow
  3. Keeping things moving
  4. Monitoring conditions
  5. Enhancing environments

President and CEO John Kasel says, “We have come a long way over the 20 years since our now widely recognized red and black L.B. Foster logo was introduced. Since then, we have continued to grow, acquiring, and divesting several businesses along the way. We wanted to invigorate how we present ourselves visually, while also refining our core purpose into a clear and simple message. . . Our new brand identity retains our respected logotype, but with the addition of a new graphic ‘centrifuge’ icon. The centrifuge represents the momentum of our business and is a concept that acknowledges our engineering history. It’s modern, fresh, and inspiring, connecting the business we are today with the aspirations we have for tomorrow.”

Now, the Company is focusing on value creation and initiatives through two segments: 1) an end-to-end supplier to the global railroad market and; 2) a supplier of purpose-built products to the North American infrastructure market. Through its design, the global website organizes all of its products and services provided by L.B. Foster around the world under these two segments.

On lbfoster.com, the global rail segment outlines “all rail, friction management, and condition monitoring products, as well as technology solutions and services that inform passenger travel and safety.” The infrastructure segment “provides products within the North American market” and “includes precast concrete buildings and products, protective pipe coatings, water well products used in agricultural and municipal projects, and bridge forms.”

About L.B. Foster Company
Founded in 1902, L.B. Foster Company is a global technology solutions provider of engineered, manufactured products and services that builds and supports infrastructure. The Company’s innovative engineering and product development solutions address the safety, reliability, and performance needs of its customer’s most challenging requirements. The Company maintains locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.lbfoster.com.”

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