Camp Hall Rail Project Construction Moves Forward in South Carolina

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Palmetto Railways

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. – Palmetto Railways’ Camp Hall Rail Project continues in 5 phases before completion in spring 2026.

Last May, RT&S reported the Camp Hall Rail Line had begun in Berkeley County. Almost a year later, construction is continuing to progress. Palmetto Railways, a division of the South Carolina Department of Commerce, is developing the industrial rail line. The line will serve Camp Hall Commerce Park, a 6,800+ acre industrial park. Construction will begin April 2024 and consists of five phases. The Commerce Park has developed and increased demand for rail service, therefore Palmetto Railways says the industrial park is a “logistically feasible way to better serve the need of the future tenants and industry within the Camp Hall Commerce Park and Berkeley County for transportation, distribution, and logistics.”

Courtesy of Palmetto Railways

The Berkeley Independent broke down the phases, listed below: 

Phase 1

  • Nearing completion, this phase began at the Volvo Cars facility in the Camp Hall Commerce Park. 

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 will connect to the existing Santee Cooper-owned railroad track and subsequently connect the Camp Hall Rail Line to the existing CSX network near Santee Cooper Cross Generating Station.
  • It includes connecting to an existing track south of Springwood Road.
  • Installing track next to existing track and moving south toward a future interchange yard.
  • It also includes an at-grade crossing at Viper Road that will have lights and gates. It will be constructed with local and Santee Cooper representatives to ensure there will be access to Generating Stations and other neighborhoods during construction.
  • Track moving south will be raised to cross the Diversion Canal between Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie to provide boat clearance in the canal.
  • Phase 2 will conclude before the Ranger Road at-grade crossing. 

Phase 3

  • This includes installing track at the Ranger Road at-grade crossing.
  • Installed track will continue west and south and cross Old Highway 6 and Shortcut Road.
  • There will be community coordination regarding the scheduled road crossings. Only one road crossing will be detoured at a time “to limit the impacts on local traffic in the area.”

Phase 4

  • Phase 4 consists of installing track south toward Highway 176 through existing silviculture lands.
  • In addition, there will be at-grade crossings at SR 31 and Mudville Road.
  • Similarly to phase 3, there will be community coordination regarding scheduled road crossings.

Phase 5

  • The final phase will connect the proposed track to the section of track in the Camp Hall Commerce Park that was completed in the first phase.
  • There will be two at-grade crossings on Highway 176 and Volvo Car Drive. Additionally, construction of the Highway 176 grade crossing will be scheduled to not interfere with potential evacuations during hurricane season.

The construction is anticipated to end in spring 2026. 

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