Progress Update on OC Transpo’s East, West, and South Extensions

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Uplands Station
Courtesy of OC Transpo

OTTAWA, Ontario – OC Transpo provided a progress update and planned infrastructure work on its O-Train East, West, and South extensions.

O-Train East Extension

Construction of Montréal Station
Montreal Station / Courtesy of OC Transpo

On the O-Train East extension, construction advances on five transit stations. OC Transpo reports work will continue on Highway 174 and will require intermittent closures as a result. Crews have also begun testing the Overhead Catenary System (OCS) as well as power and train control equipment near Montreal Station.

O-Train West Extension

Parkway Tunnel on the O-Train West Extension
Parkway Tunnel / Courtesy of OC Transpo

Crews continue work to install track and complete station construction on the West extension. The progress update states that the “cut and cover tunnels are moving forward with structure work mostly complete, and preparations are now underway for installing track in the tunnels at Connaught Park and Byron Linear Park.”

Over the summer, the Pinecrest Stormwater Management Pond will open, and the facility will manage community stormwater and help to reduce runoff into the Ottawa River.

O-Train South Extension

Uplands Station with LINT train testing
Uplands Station / Courtesy of OC Transpo

Along the South extension, crews continue to test the new system and train operations staff. OC Transpo reports testing will continue with trains running on lines 2 and 4 over a period of several weeks. This will help to demonstrate the reliability of the future service. 

For Line 1, Rideau Transit Group gave overview reports for “additional corrective actions to Line 1 trains and infrastructure.” These include rail grinding and ballast stabilization that will be required to take place during short-term closures of Line 1 this October. 

Since last October, crews have worked to improve the infrastructure on Line 1. This work included “restraining rail gap management, rail flange lubrication, top of rail friction modifiers, and implementation of nut-pinning enhancements to the wheel hub assembly.”

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