TTCI opens door to 30 years of railroad technology research

Written by RT&S Staff
TTCI annual report
TTCI’s Technology Digest provides decades of railroad technology research.

For the first time, the Transportation Technology Center, Inc., (TTCI) is providing open access to three decades of its railroad technology research performed under the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) Strategic Research Initiatives (SRI) program.

Technology Digest, a weekly publication, which highlights key research findings and reports industry-serving projects, is now available to the public through TTCI’s new e-Library. New Technology Digests will become available in the e-Library 60 days following their initial distribution to AAR member subscribers.

This keyword-searchable archive spans SRI research from 1992 to present and is now active at 

The SRI program addresses many of the industry’s high-priority questions and provides key analyses and solutions for safe deployment of emerging technologies. AAR-funded SRI projects are proposed, refined, and selected by technical teams comprised of leading engineers and professionals from across the rail industry. Every project is carefully selected to address significant challenges, opportunities, and technological innovations that affect the industry. TTCI Technology Digests summarize key findings and outcomes of SRI projects, providing railroads and suppliers with critical technical information related to many aspects of railway transportation including wheel-rail interaction, advanced wheel and rail materials, special trackwork, bridges, vehicle dynamics, inspection technologies, geotechnical studies, and much more.

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