GREX intros next evolution of its Aurora platform

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor
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Left to right, Todd Euston, Greg Grissom and Nate Bachman during the new product launch.

Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX) unveiled the next development of its Aurora platform: Aurora XivTM.


The Aurora Xiv combines several of GREX’s rail solutions into a single truck with the aim of making railroad inspections more efficient and cost-effective.

The new platform hosts GREX’s Aurora®, Aurora Xi and BallastSaver® solutions, effectively integrating the company’s trio of machine vision technologies to provide comprehensive tie and ballast profile inspections.

Camera 1 of the Aurora system enables timber tie inspection based on 3D laser profiling scans while camera 2 of Aurora simultaneously scans concrete ties based on the same 3D laser scans. Aurora Xi employs backscatter x-ray technology to look inside track components and BallastSaver utilizes LIDAR to identify ballast deficiencies and issues with the clearance envelope.

“The end goal is to provide our clients with the best, most accurate data,” said Greg Grissom, GREX chief operating officer.

The first Aurora Xiv will be deployed on Metro-North Railroad with plans to roll out several new vehicles in the near future.

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