BROWZ launched new SAAS aimed to help shortline rails reach FRA Part 219 compliance

Written by Maggie Lancaster, assistant editor
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BROWZ announced the launch of a new software service to assist shortline railroads and their contractors to become compliant and maintain compliance with new Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Part 219 requirements.

The FRA Part 219 requirement, which requires mandatory drug and alcohol testing upon hire, as well as random and for cause testing.

“The challenge that shortline railroads face, besides the interpretation of Part 219, is the lack of tools that exist to help them manage their contractor compliance,” said Aaron Rudd, BROWZ vice president of product. “These are very challenging requirements and, without sophisticated software and service solutions, the administrative burden on shortline railroads could be significant.”

Rudd says the company already had great participation working with class one railroads and seeks to do the same with shortlines. Short lines will also have the ability to use the platform as a sourcing tool to find new rail industry contractors.

The Part 210 compliance deadline is June 12, 2017. Companies can register with BROWZ to begin the process here.

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