Pennsylvania transportation system receives first-ever performance report

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

The Pennsylvania transportation system received its first-ever Transportation Performance Report, a detailed rating of the state's efforts in safety, mobility, system preservation and accountability.

The report, a combined effort of the State Transportation Commission (STC), the State Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, reviews the system’s status, performance within current resources and opportunities for progress.

“This performance report shows that PennDOT has made great strides in traffic safety and modernizing its operations, but we still have significant needs that we can’t address with the resources we have,” said PennDOT Secretary and STC Chairman Barry Schoch.

In the category of transit infrastructure, the state’s performance is rated as “low” due to limited resources and magnitude of need. The state’s performance transit ridership and accountability through initiatives like Next Generation are rated as “good.”

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