Transport Canada issues proposal to fine Railway Safety Act violators

Written by Mischa Wanek-Libman, editor

Transport Canada is proposing regulations that will provide Transport Canada with new enforcement tools for railway companies that violate the Railway Safety Act.


Penalties would be assessed based on level of risk and range between CA$5,000 to CA$50,000 (US$4,600 to US$46,000) for individuals and CA$25,000 to CA$250,000 (US$23,000 to US$230,000) for corporations.

The proposed regulations have been published in Canada Gazette, Part I, on May 17, 2014. Stakeholders and the public have 30 days to provide comments, which will be considered before the regulations are finalized and published in Canada Gazette, Part II.

Canada’s Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt said, “The proposed regulations introduce penalties as an additional enforcement tool to improve railway safety. These monetary penalties will help crack down on rule-breakers and improve the safety of the Canadian railway system.”

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