Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad closes tracks due to river erosion

Written by David C. Lester, Editor-in-Chief
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The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad has been plagued with erosion problems this year and is again having trouble.

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) Cuyahoga is a tourist excursion railway and private sector, nonprofit 501(c)3 organization operating in partnership with Cuyahoga Valley National Park located in northeast Ohio. CVSR is dedicated and committed to preserving and renovating historic rail cars so that they may be enjoyed by future generations.

The railroad announced that the National Park Service (NPS) has closed portions of the tracks used by Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad (CVSR) due to significant erosion from the Cuyahoga River.

All National Park Scenic, Fall Flyer, Bike Aboard, Hale Farm, Explorer Program, and Family Fun Loop departures have been cancelled for Wednesday, Oct. 19 through Sunday, Nov. 6, 2022.

The Cleveland Dinner and Event Train will continue to run on Fridays from Rockside to Fitzwater concluding Oct. 28, 2022.

The Veterans’ Day Train will run Nov. 10 from Rockside to Fitzwater at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

On Nov. 11, the North Pole Adventure train will begin.

We felt this story would be interesting to readers, as we’ve been reporting extensively on the situation in California with erosion along the Del Mar bluffs, and erosion on any railroad is a very serious matter.

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