Port rail projects will not solve this supply chain crisis, but possibly the next

Written by RT&S Staff
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Ottawa is getting serious with its port upgrades so another supply chain crisis can be avoided.

It will not help the current global crisis, but it will make it more resilient for the next one.

Ottawa announced massive infrastructure improvement funding for key ports in New Brunswick. The federal government is supplying $42 million to upgrade rail terminals in Saint John and McAdam as part of its five-year, $450 million National Trade Corridors Fund endeavor. Ottawa will contribute $21.2 million to New Brunswick Southern Railway and the same amount to the Port Saint John. New Brunswick will add $16.8 million. J.D. Irving Ltd., which owns New Brunswick Southern Railway, will match the $21.2 million in federal funding with its own money.

The money will be used to add new track and to upgrade existing tracks to handle double-stacked containers.

Officials admit the improvements will not be done in time to help solve the current global supply chain crisis, but the goal is to make the ports react stronger to supply chain issues in the future.

The New Brunswick Southern Railway links to Canadian Pacific lines in Maine.

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