Update On Temporary Catchment Wall Along Mariposa Point

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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SAN CLEMENTE – As early as February 27th, crews could begin drilling for beams to support a catchment wall. This comes a month after another landslide in San Clemente.

As RT&S has reported on the San Clemente landslide over the last month, a catchment wall is expected to be constructed as a preventive measure to protect the rail line. Construction work for the wall is expected to begin as early as February 27th, as reported by OCTA. This includes drilling for beams that will support the catchment wall structure.

The final design for the wall and the timetable for its construction are still being determined, but “the initial design calls for the wall to be approximately 10 to 15 feet tall and 160 feet long, supported by steel beams, each about 30 feet deep.” The schedule is dependent on weather and securing necessary materials, but the wall is to be “tentatively completed by late March.” However, this date could change. The rain in the area has stopped, but the slope is still saturated. Geologists have warned that removing large amounts of soil could cause more instability of the hillside, and the OCTA and Metrolink teams continue to take measurements to monitor the soil. 

BNSF freight traffic is still halted in the area as there is not enough clearance for trains to safely pass. The track itself remains stable. As of reporting, no timeline has been set for when freight traffic can resume.


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