Union Pacific wants to replace bridge in sensitive area in Arkansas

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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September 21 is the last day the public in Lafayette County, Ark., can comment on a proposed bridge project by Union Pacific.

The Class 1 railroad company is looking to replace Bridge 380.22, which is 854 ft long. Union Pacific wants to discharge dredge and fill material into the Dorcheat Bayou, which is part of the Bodcau Bayou drainage basin. The new bridge will be an 838-ft-long prestressed concrete girder bridge. Crews will cut the timber piles of the existing bridge substructure at ground level and will install H piles.

To gain access to the jobsite from the northeast, Union Pacific will need to build a 40-ft-wide access road south to its right-of-way. The road will then turn west and follow the north side of the tracks to the bridge. A minimum maintenance road will used to access the bridge. This road will be widened and strengthened with aggregate. Four temporary causeways will be used to cross the waterways. The temporary causeways will be built using Type 1 rock riprap, which will range in size from 9 to 14 in. in diameter, and corrugated metal pipe culverts. The culverts will help preserve aquatic life in the bayou.

Union Pacific says it will mitigate for the loss of impacts through a mitigation bank.

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