Bossier City reconsiders action on grade crossing; Union Pacific ‘looks forward’ to continuing work

Written by RT&S Staff
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Most major railways have plans for sustainability.

By a 5-2 vote, the Bossier (La.) City Council voted to permanently close Old Shed railroad crossing over Union Pacific tracks.

UP threatened to make construction of a carriageway difficult if the crossing was not closed. The Bossier City Council was considering leaving it open and delayed the vote on a final decision twice.

Residents attended the Nov. 30 meeting, and many wanted the crossing to remain open. However, Mayor Tommy Chandler informed the council that there was only one resolution. In order to keep the construction project moving, which the city is obligated to do under contract, Chandler said the crossing must be closed. He said all of the voting delays and additional investigations and meetings were not encouraging any progress.

In a statement, Union Pacific said it understood and appreciated the importance of the public project for the city of Bossier. The Class 1 added it looked forward to continuing work with the city as it moved to complete the important infrastructure project.

The carriageway project is expected to take three years to complete.

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