CSX intermodal train derails near Auburn, Ind.

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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A CSX intermodal train derailed yesterday morning near Auburn, Ind.
David C. Lester

A CSX intermodal train derailed in Indiana yesterday.

CBS affiliate WANE-TV is reporting that a CSX intermodal train derailed yesterday morning near Auburn, Ind. Auburn is in the northeast corner of the state.

CSX issued the following statement on July 21 regarding the derailment: “At approximately 10:15 CT this morning, a CSX train derailed a number of cars carrying intermodal containers near Country Road 35 in Auburn, [Ind.] There were no injuries to the crew. Preliminary reports indicate that there are no spills from the containers. CSX is working with De Kalb County first responders as we work to assess the situation and develop a recovery plan.”

It appears that there was minor property damage to private land adjacent to the tracks. WANE-TV reported that one resident said “I do have a fence row there, and it’ll probably have to be replaced. Hopefully the railroad will step up and do that for me. My neighbor does the hayfield here, and he’s gonna lose a little bit back there in that corner, but hopefully, he’ll be able to get most out of it.”

The kpcnews Star reported that 15 cars derailed, and two of the containers carried hazardous materials. There were no reports of any hazardous material leakage.

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