KCS engineering forces complete four capacity enhancing projects

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

In the first part of 2014, the Kansas City Southern (KCS) Engineering and Maintenance of Way team completed four major projects allowing for capacity increases and greater operational efficiency.


The RN-1302 Shreveport North Lead Extension project extended the mainline that begins at Bostwick Road south of Blanchard, La., 8,000 feet. The extension provides an independent switching lead for the Shreveport Terminal and improves train fluidity for the terminal and main track.

The RN-1305 Corpus Christi Yard Improvements project added five new classification tracks to the yard in Corpus Christi, Texas. Additionally, two existing yard tracks were rehabilitated, increasing yard capacity to approximately 240 rail cars. This was the first KCS project to exclusively use steel ties.

In Placedo, Texas, a turnout project replaced an existing turnout on Union Pacific and upgraded to a larger size to increase train speed by 10 miles per hour, allowing for more train movements between the U.S. and Mexico on the KCS Rosenberg and Laredo subdivisions.

The RN-1315 Kendleton Phase 1 project at the automotive and intermodal shipper facility in Kendleton, Texas, added three acres of concrete paving for the parking of trucks and another 1,200 automobiles, making the operation significantly more efficient.

“I’m proud of our team’s accomplishments in completing these projects, which should greatly benefit our operational efficiency,” said KCS vice president and chief engineer Jeff Songer. “The work at Placedo represents the first of several projects aimed at improving fluidity across the UP trackage rights. I look forward to another busy year for our construction group, who I know are up for the task”



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