New broken rail detection system in operation on KCS de Mexico N line

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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The Kansas City Southern de Mexico Broken Rail Detection (BRD) system on its N line on the Toluca District became operational in December 2012. If a broken rail is detected, a signal displays red, notifying the train crew that an unsafe condition is ahead and to reduce train speed.

The first phase of the BRD system is also in place on the line from Acámbaro to Los Lirios in Michoacán, Mexico. This year, KCS de Mexico plans to move to the second phase, installing the system on the line from Los Lirios to Toluca, Estado de México.

Subdirector de signals Rafael Moreno, said, “The primary objective of this system is to avoid derailments caused by ruptured rails. We are very proud to have completed the first phase of installation of this system, which will further enhance the safety and operation of this line.”

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