NS discontinues certain railcar sorting operations in Roanoke; carmen, train crews, track maintenance positions affected

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Norfolk Southern (NS) ceased regional railcar classification operations at its Roanoke Terminal hump yard in Roanoke, Va., eliminating about 140 positions.

The terminal will continue to provide service to local customers and to be a hub for through-train operations.

NS said the Roanoke hump operation has seen a steady decline in the volume of general merchandise cars handled by about 30 percent since 2006. At the same time, system-wide improvements in the railroad’s operations have freed up network capacity, such that classification operations now performed at Roanoke are no longer necessary.

“The employees who work at Roanoke are dedicated and efficient,” said Terry Evans, vice president transportation. “But the geographical location and layout of the hump yard make it not only expensive but redundant within our network.”

Most of the affected positions are carmen, who inspect and repair railcars and train crews, who conduct switching operations in the yard. Some track maintenance positions are affected.

Norfolk Southern anticipates hiring between 850 and 1,150 employees in 2013 to keep up with attrition. These positions will first be offered to employees affected by the Roanoke change and employees furloughed at other locations.

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