Pacer and UP enter into multi-year agreement

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Pacer International, Inc., a North American freight transportation and global logistics services provider, has entered into a multi-year agreement to arrange, manage and provide intermodal freight transportation services for both automotive parts and freight-all-kinds shipments between the U.S., Mexico and Canada for Union Pacific.

Pacer will also act as Union Pacific’s network logistics manager for cross-border shipments and provide rail container and chassis management services for Union Pacific in Mexico.

“Providing cost effective and reliable transportation solutions, particularly for automotive parts customers, is the goal of this new agreement,” said Dan Avramovich, chairman and CEO of Pacer. “Additionally, as part of this agreement, Pacer will pursue automotive parts shipments as a retail provider of door-to-door intermodal services. The close relationship between Pacer and Union Pacific is strengthened by this new agreement. Pacer will also use this opportunity to enhance our on-going development of east-west intermodal business. Pacer is committed to supporting and developing this important market with Union Pacific and our other rail carriers.”

Categories: Class 1, OFF Track Maintenance