TSB investigation of Lytton fire finds no evidence of railway operations’ involvement

Written by David C. Lester, Managing Editor
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Alternative 2 is the preferred choice for a rail realignment project in Wilmington, N.C.
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The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has determined that rail operations did not start the Lytton fire.

Following the fire that destroyed the town of Lytton, BC on 30 June 2021, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) conducted significant investigative work to determine if there was a definitive connection between railway operations through Lytton, BC and the fire that destroyed the town. Please see the investigation page  for a full description of our investigation activities into this matter.

The TSB investigation has not revealed any evidence to link railway operations to the fire. Therefore, unless new information establishes that a TSB reportable event occurred, no further work will be performed and no TSB investigation report will be produced.

The wildfire remains under investigation by BC Wildfire Service and the RCMP.

See the investigation page for more information.

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