Fort Worth & Western awards construction management contract for bridge project

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Atkins has been awarded a construction management services contract by the Fort Worth & Western Railroad (FWWR) for a bridge and retaining wall construction project adjacent to FWWR's operational facilities on East Long Avenue in Fort Worth, Texas.


Under the terms of its contract with FWWR, Atkins will provide on-site personnel to oversee safety and minimize the effects of the North Tarrant Express (NTE) construction project on FWWR’s operations. NTE is a multi-billion-dollar project that is expanding the Airport Freeway roadway corridor in northeast Tarrant County, including the segment of Interstate 35 that passes over FWWR’s facility in Fort Worth. FWWR will be affected by the bridges and other structures being built on and near its facilities and Atkins will review construction submittals and requests for information on FWWR’s behalf.

FWWR is a Class 3 shortline that operates 276 miles of track through eight counties in north central Texas. FWWR serves more than 100 customers and moves more than 36,000 carloads annually.


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