Saskatchewan Short Lines Receive C$530K in SRIP Allocations 

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
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Courtesy of government of Saskatchewan

SASKATCHEWAN – The government of Saskatchewan announced it is investing C$530,000 in short line rail infrastructure.

Highways Minister Lori Carr announced C$530,000 will go toward investing in short line rail infrastructure. Saskatchewan has 13 short line railways that operate on 2,123 km. According to a report from the government of Saskatchewan, provincial grants provide up to 50% of project costs. These grants are determined by how much track each short line owns. Those with less than 80 km receive “at least $25,000,” and “larger networks receive a proportional amount based on how much track they operate.”

Carr said, “Short line railways play an important role in getting Saskatchewan’s food, fuel, and fertilizer on their journeys to worldwide markets, which helps keep our export-based economy strong to sustain our quality of life. . . We are proud to invest in this transportation sector as it is essential to keeping our great and growing province strong.”

The Short Line Railway Improvement Program (SRIP) helps with upgrading track and improving grade crossing surfaces as well as maintaining bridges and other projects. 

For 2024-2025, SRIP allocations include the following:

  • Big Sky Rail, Delisle (Eston, Elrose region): $87,035
  • Carlton Trail Railway (Saskatoon to Prince Albert area): $37,515
  • Great Sandhills Railway (Swift Current to Leader area): $43,089
  • Great Western Railway (Assiniboia, Shaunavon, Coronach area): $129,909
  • Last Mountain Railway (Regina to Davidson): $29,155
  • Long Creek Railroad (west of Estevan): $25,000
  • Northern Lights Rail (west of Melfort): $25,000
  • Red Coat Road and Rail (Ogema area): $25,000
  • Southern Rails Cooperative (south of Moose Jaw): $25,000 
  • Stewart Southern Railway (southwest of Regina to Stoughton): $28,297
  • Thunder Rail (Arborfield area): $25,000
  • Torch River Rail (Nipawin to Choiceland area): $25,000
  • Wheatland Rail (Cudworth, Wakaw area): $25,000

Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association President Andrew Glastetter said, “By investing in continuous improvements to our tracks, Saskatchewan short line railways ensure that rail is a safe, reliable, and efficient transportation option for agricultural producers, industrial facilities, and Saskatchewan businesses of all sizes. . . Many short line railways are community owned, and serve rural communities, while also playing a vital role in the overall supply chain. Short line railways have a positive impact on highways infrastructure, the environment, and rural economies, while transporting freight on infrastructure that is primarily maintained and funded privately. . . The Western Canadian Short Line Railway Association expresses our appreciation to the Government of Saskatchewan for their renewed funding of the Short Line Railway Improvement Program and for their support of the short line railway industry and rail access opportunities for businesses across Saskatchewan.”

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