UTU members ratify pacts on EJ&E, TP&W

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

United Transportation Union-represented employees of Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway and Toledo, Peoria & Western Railway have ratified new five-year agreements.

On EJ&E, a U.S. subsidiary of Canadian National, the ratified contract provides that conductors, brakemen and yardmen receive wage increases, back-pay, an employment guarantee with furlough protection, guaranteed extra boards, elimination of rate progression for conductors/foremen and 90 percent entry rates for brakemen and helpers that rises to 100 percent after one year of service.

Also established by the new agreement is a 401(k) plan and disability insurance, more liberal qualification for vacations and coverage under the National Railway Health and Welfare Plan that includes early retirement and four months of additional health care insurance for dismissed or furloughed employees.

On TP&W, the ratified contract provides for wage increases with additional compensation for conductors certified as engineers, participation in the RailAmerica Incentive Compensation Plan (with an opt-out provision providing an additional one percent annual wage increase), improved working conditions and special allowances.

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