UP conductor killed after train hits derailment device

Written by RT&S Staff
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Union Pacific

Work done on railroad track earlier in the day on Aug. 29 may have led to a derailment that killed a Union Pacific conductor.

The accident happened in the Riverside area of the Lower Valley in El Paso, Texas. Two train cars left the track and damaged a gas meter, leading to the evacuation of nearby residents. A death investigation noted work was done on a portion of the track and a derailment device was set up to protect workers from moving trains. The device was still in place at the time of the derailment, and the conductor was given clearance to work. The conductor was guiding the engineer into a rail yard when the train hit the derailment device and a railcar landed on the conductor.

“We continue to work with local and federal authorities on the investigation and are not releasing the employee’s name at this time,” Union Pacific said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the employee’s family and coworkers.”

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