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AAR issues 2009 edition of Railroad Facts

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The Association of American Railroads today released the 2009 edition of Railroad Facts - the premier industry reference book. Railroad Facts contains more than 80 pages of facts and statistics for 2008, as well as historical data on critical aspects of railroad business, including: finance, operations, plant and equipment, employment and compensation, fuel consumption and costs. Railroad Facts contains a profile of each Class I railroad, Amtrak, the two major Canadian railroads and the two largest Mexican railways. Copies of the publication are available for non-AAR members for $20.00 for one copy; $17.00 per copy for two to ten copies; and $15.00 per copy for orders over 10 copies. The cost for AAR members is $5.00 per copy. To order copies of the book, visit the AAR web site at www.aar.org and go to Resources - Publications - Online catalog.

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