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CREATE agrees to trim following CN/EJ&E merger

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The Federal Highway Administration, Illinois Department of Transportation, Chicago Department of Transportation and Association of American Railroads have agreed to modifications to the CREATE Program in response to changing needs. In particular, the full Central Corridor, as defined in the original CREATE Feasibility Plan & Preliminary Screening is no longer required. Major portions of the southern half of the Central Corridor are being retained, however, to provide a new direct route (over the NS Chicago Line) for Amtrak trains from New Orleans and Carbondale into Chicago Union Station, while minimizing impacts to Amtrak and freight service already using this line. These improvements are now part of the P4 project.  

Also, the C5 project has
been largely retained and is now known as the WA7 project. The rationale for
these changes is that the CN has an alternate route available and no longer
requires the Central Corridor.

Revised documents, namely
Amendment 1 to the CREATE Feasibility Plan and Amendment 1 to the CREATE
Preliminary Screening document, are available. These documents show new or
modified content as markups and deleted content as strikethroughs. All other
text has been retained from the original documents.

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