All lines impacted – GO Transit announces service increase as province continues in Stage 3 of COVID-19 recovery

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As more and more customers return to transit, GO rail service will be adjusting services in September, including rail and bus routes. The volume of changes is significant, including for service in the off-peak hours.

Metrolinx is increasing service starting Sept. 5 to meet the expected demand from the return to school and the workplace as Ontario continues to recover from the worst of the pandemic.

All combined, the schedule adjustments – including the return of some services suspended in the wake of COVID-19, and impacts to bus routes – are the largest shift to service in GO Transit’s history.

Most GO train and bus schedules are changing as Metrolinx restores or adjusts service to meet passenger demand.

All train lines and most bus routes will be affected; however, customers will have to wait an extra week for returning weekend service on the Barrie line. That starts up again on Sept. 12, so crews can get in one more weekend of construction on the line.

The news will benefit an increasing number of customers returning to the transit system, as Ontario, and the world, adjusts to a new normal of movement and work. The service changes will provide more options for everyone from essential workers to tradespeople to those who work in downtown office buildings to get where they need to go more conveniently.

The resumption of some off-peak train service is also an incentive for families and individuals to get out and start exploring our region again, and will help others get back to school or make it back in time for day care pickup.

The new GO Transit schedule is available here.

More information is available online.

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