Board approves massive light-rail project that will serve southeast L.A., low-income minorities

Written by RT&S Staff
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LA Metro wants billions of state surplus for light-rail projects.
Steve Hymon/LACMTA

The Eco-Rapid Transit Board of Directors unanimously approved Alternative 1 of the 19.4-mile light-rail line that will connect Artesia to downtown Los Angeles.

The approval came after review of the Metro Draft West Santa Ana Branch Environmental Impact Statement. The Board also wants a station added in Little Tokyo because it provides access to downtown Los Angeles destinations, the Metro Regional Connector and provides transfers to destinations in East Los Angeles and Whittier.

The $9.8 billion project has been in the works for 20 years, and the Board is set to select a locally preferred alternative in the next few months.

The line will serve 1.4 million people in communities like Maywood, Cudahy, and Huntington Park. Over 83% of the population is minorities with low income.

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