Caltrain Suspends Service in San Francisco Ahead of Electrification Project

Written by Jennifer McLawhorn, Managing Editor
(Photograph Courtesy of Caltrain via Twitter)

SAN FRANCISCO – Caltrain service will be suspended for the next two weekends to allow for construction and testing of Caltrain Electrification.

Caltrain announced in a release that its service between the San Francisco and Millbrae Stations will be suspended so it can make plans for its Overhead Catenary System. This includes erecting poles, hanging wires, and installing and testing equipment for signaling. Caltrain’s riders will have to use a bus service during suspended operations. 

Not for the first time this year, Caltrain has worked to construct and test its lines for electrification before it’s expected launch next Fall 2024. According to Caltrain, the Electrification Project is “the first undertaking in North America in a generation in which diesel trains and their infrastructure components are transitioned to an electrified system” and will increase access for surrounding communities.

Its Electrification Project is designed to increase the number of trains and add new safety elements while modernizing its service. With new train cars featuring digital displays, more storage, baby-changing tables, outlets at every seat, and wi-fi, the plan hopes to “meet ambitious regional and state climate action goals by lowering greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and relieving traffic congestion”. Establishing the High Speed Rail network on its corridor, Caltrain’s project also works to reduce noise and air pollution. In 2023, Caltrain has already installed 49 poles with over 200,000 feet of wire.

On June 6th, Caltrain tweeted a video of its electrification project.

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