Caltrain modernization progresses with California HSR vote

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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The California Legislature's vote to approve funding for the Caltrain Modernization Project as part of the California High-speed Rail Authority's effort marks a milestone in bringing modern electric rail service to the San Francisco Bay area. The bill authorizes $600 million in high-speed rail funds to modernize Caltrain.

In addition to the money received through the high-speed rail program, Caltrain also will receive more than $100 million in connectivity funding through Proposition 1A. Additional funds for the project will come from a combination of local, regional and federal sources.

A modern Caltrain system is expected to provide more service, carry more riders, get more cars off the roads, reduce the operating subsidy and reduce pollution.

“There is a generational responsibility to leave behind a world that is better than the one we found. This speaks to that responsibility,” said Caltrain Executive Director Mike Scanlon.

The “blended system” will allow Caltrain and high-speed rail to operate primarily on Caltrain’s existing tracks, minimizing the impacts on the communities through which it passes.

With the additional funding for the $1.5 billion project, electric train service could be operating on the Caltrain corridor as soon as 2019.

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