Metro-North accelerates trackwork in Bronx through summer

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Metro-North Railroad plans to accelerate trackwork in the Bronx including drainage improvements, tie replacements, fencing repairs and general cleanup of the wayside for nine weeks from July 1 through Labor Day.


Between Melrose and Woodlawn, the tracks are below street level in a “cut” with masonry walls. When it rains, water from some surrounding streets pours onto the tracks and has nowhere to go.

This problem will be addressed as work also begins on a two-year, approximately $11 million drainage project that will be performed concurrently with the track improvements. The work will include installation of underground drains that will connect to New York City sewer lines that cross below the tracks at 12 different locations.

This is a continuation of drainage improvements completed in 2011 at the Mott Haven Yard to alleviate flooding.

Standing water due to poor drainage is causing mud spots in some places between Melrose and Woodlawn, which is causing deterioration of some concrete ties. The concrete ties are safe and are inspected twice a week like all of the Metro-North system and if any problems are found, action is taken immediately. About 1-2 percent of the concrete ties in this six-mile section of track are being replaced with wood ties and ballast.



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