Ontario awards funds for GO station improvements

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

The province of Ontario, Canada, is making CA$5 million (US$ 4.5 million) in upgrades to the Etobicoke North GO Station, which will include extending the platform to accommodate 12-car trains; installing a raised mini platform that connects to on-board train ramps for increased accessibility; adding heated shelters and more lighting and creating 10 more accessible parking spaces.


“Our unprecedented transit investments are making public transit a better choice for commuters, reducing congestion on our roads and contributing to a better quality of life for Ontario families,” said Glen Murray, minister of transportation and minister of infrastructure.

The government of Ontario says expanding transit is part of its economic plan to invest in people, build modern infrastructure and support a dynamic and innovative business climate. Since 2003, the province has invested approximately CA$9.1 billion (US$8.3 billion) in GO Transit to improve service and expand routes.

“These improvements will give the more than 700 commuters that use the Etobicoke North GO Station every day a better, more accessible station and will make public transit easier to use,” commented Dr. Shafiq Qaadri, minister of government services.


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