Amtrak outlines plan for Capstone project at Lancaster Station

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With the current work on the Lancaster Train Station project nearing completion, Amtrak revealed a detailed plan for the next phase of station improvements, the Capstone project. Starting as soon as work on the current phase is complete, Amtrak will begin work to restore the passenger areas into an accessible, comfortable and convenient station that is of historic significance.

“Passengers will see Amtrak crews begin making the improvements just as soon as the current project ends in the next few weeks,” said Amtrak Sr. Director of Major Project Partnerships Marilyn Jamison. “Amtrak is eager to get started,” she added.

The first phase of the three phase Capstone project consists of short-term items to be completed by Amtrak forces. Design work is currently underway and in the coming weeks work will begin on the restoration of the passenger areas of the station including the benches, doors and archways. In addition, some plaster work and molding restoration will be done in portions of the station. The station foyer, public hallways and restrooms will be painted and repairs will be made to the platform surface among other items.

The second phase is long-term work requiring a standard design-bid-build project delivery method. It includes items such as station lighting upgrades and rehabilitation, HVAC replacement and platform canopy repairs.

The third phase involves work to be completed under the Amtrak Accessible Stations Development Program which will make improvements to the station’s accessibility by all passengers, including the main waiting room, platform, restrooms and parking areas. This phase commenced in early January with survey work. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2013.

An advisory committee comprised of local stakeholders will be formed to provide input on the project.

The Lancaster train station serves Amtrak’s Keystone Service (Harrisburg – Philadelphia – New York) and Pennsylvanian (Pittsburgh – Harrisburg – Philadelphia – New York). For fiscal year 2011, 539,338 passengers arrived or departed from the station making it the 3rd busiest Amtrak station in Pennsylvania and the 22nd busiest station in the Amtrak national network.

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