Rep. Lee pushes for Texas high-speed rail

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During Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee's recent visit to Japan and South Korea, Japanese and South Korean officials both expressed interest in supporting and providing high-speed rail in the state of Texas. Congresswoman Jackson Lee is laying the groundwork to invite these officials to the 18th Congressional District to see first-hand the needs and plans for an expanded rail transportation system.

During her visit, she traveled from Osaka, Japan to Kyoto, Japan on their high-speed rail system.

Congresswoman Jackson Lee was part of a successful effort that secured funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Texas received a high-speed rail grant in upwards of $15 million for a potential high-speed rail route that will travel from Houston to Dallas with one or two stops in between.

“This is absolutely the right direction America should be moving toward. We should be looking at high-speed rail that can provide clean, safe and efficient transportation that can move people from one destination to another. We have friends in South Korea and Japan who are committed to working with us to achieve those goals,” said Congresswoman Jackson Lee.

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