Elecnor preselected for SCVTA double track project

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor

Elecnor has been pre-selected by the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (SCVTA) in California as contractor on double tracking the Mountain View single-track segment.


The project forms part of the SCVTA’s action plan to improve rail service on the southern section of the San Francisco peninsula over the next two years. With a cost estimated at $60 million on a number of proposals, Elecnor hopes to work on all phases of the project and is now finalizing a bid of around $25 million for the first project. The construction focuses on widening approximately .31 miles of track to be used as a siding facility, enabling the authority to operate express rail services with fewer halts.

The Elecnor Group focuses on overseas markets as a growth driver for the years ahead and is investing heavily in infrastructure, especially in the U.S. through subsidiaries such as its major west-coast operators Elecnor Inc. and Elecnor Belco, and Elecnor Hawkeye LLC, which operates in the country’s north-eastern and mid-Atlantic states.


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