MetroPlan Orlando approves maglev project

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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In Orlando, Fla., American Maglev Technology (AMT) has proposed to build, operate and maintain a privately financed fully automatic train system powered by magnetic levitation.

The MetroPlan Orlando Board approved the AMT project to proceed if conditions in a MetroPlan Orlando staff report are addressed. This process is expected to take several months. After the issues are resolved and funding and lease agreements are in place, construction will begin on Phase 1.

Plans call for three project phases, with a total cost of $800 million. Only Phase 1, estimated to cost $315 million, is being considered at this time. No taxpayer money will be used for construction, operation or maintenance and AMT is requesting to lease existing public rights-of-way. Phase 1 includes 14.9 miles of track, with stops at Orange County Convention Center, Florida Mall, the Sand Lake Road SunRail station and Orlando International Airport. The system is expected to be operating two years after a final lease agreement is in place.

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