Rehabbed CTA Thorndale Red Line Station to open

Written by Jenifer Nunez, assistant editor
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On September 28, Chicago Transit Authority will reopen the doors of a cleaner, brighter and renewed Thorndale Red Line station to customers and the Edgewater community.

Stations along the north Red Line are some of the oldest on the system. Most of these stations were constructed in the early 1900s and are now in need of being rebuilt from the ground up. Work performed as part of the Red Line North Interim project is expected to improve the quality and experience for riders and neighbors and also extend the lives of these stations until a more comprehensive reconstruction plan is approved and fully funded.

Upon its reopening, customers and neighbors of the Thorndale station can expect to see enhancements that include:

• Expanded station house interior layout for improved circulation

• New concrete platform and refurbished canopy structure

• New platform fixtures and furnishings

• Sidewalk repairs and new exterior bike racks

• Upgraded lighting under the viaduct

• New interior finishes (i.e. walls, flooring, ceiling), lighting and signage

• New windows, doors and lighting and exterior masonry repairs

• Concrete repairs, painting and sealing/coating of the viaduct

• New waterproofing and drainage system on the viaduct

• New trackbed, ties and rails on the viaduct and through the station area

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