Workers set to leave Maryland’s Purple Line project

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Purple Line
A tentative agreement has been reached with the firms behind the Purple Line project.
Purple Line

Frustrated by one delay after another, the builders currently working on Maryland’s Purple Line project say they will leave the project because the state is not paying for the delays and cost overruns. The project currently costs $2 billion.

Purple Line Transit Constructors (PLTC), which consists of Fluor, Lane Construction Corp., and Traylor Brothers, said according to its design-build contract it could leave if delays exceed 365 days. So far there have been 976 days of delay. Purple Line Transit Partners (PLTP), which is the investment group that is part of the 36-year public private partnership, would be left holding a $5.6 billion contract. Fluor, Meridian and Star America form PLTP.

Apparently PLTP, PLTC and the state have been trying to negotiate over the past three years, and the state says it will continue to try to put together a deal. The last attempt at negotiations broke down back in December. Scott Risley, PLTC’s construction manager, said his group was ready to finish the project without profit, but the state refused to approve an agreement in principle. The PLTC also is accusing the state of being late in acquiring property along the corridor and also being slow when it came to environmental approvals.

PLTC will now work to provide a 60- to 90-day transition with the next group of constructors.

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