STB: Texas Central still needs to apply like everyone else

Written by RT&S Staff
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A bullet train connecting Portland, Ore., to Vancouver, British Columbia, is being talked about in the Washington state legislature.
David C. Lester

You win one, you lose one. However, Texas Central Railroad still may be coming out ahead with its project that will connect Dallas to Houston with high-speed rail.

The Surface Transportation Board (STB) is allowing the Texas Central line to be part of the interstate rail network, but the high-speed agency also wanted to be exempt from the application process. The STB said no because an application “is appropriate given the magnitude of the project, the questions about increased costs and funding sources, the substantial public interest, and the potential impact on numerous local landowners.”

The application requires public notice and could include conditions for construction, which has been estimated to cost $10 billion.

Opponents of the high-speed plan believe the project is now projected to cost at minimum $16.5 billion, with the max jumping to $30 billion. There also are questions over if enough funds are available, and opponents believe the STB should substantiate funding claims by Texas Central through the application process.

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