Grafton and Upton Railroad wants state of Mass. to void petitions over land acquisition

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
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Grafton and Upton Railroad need more space to meet business demands and the state’s transportation plan.
Grafton and Upton Railroad

The Grafton and Upton Railroad wants to proceed with a storage and transloading yard project in Hopedale, Mass., and does not want any interruptions.

The short line railroad company has asked the state to deny all petitions to intervene. Grafton and Upton wants to acquire a 135-acre piece of land that is located along its tracks. The site was the home of the Draper Corp. factory, and the railroad tracks cut right through the property. Grafton and Upton needs the extra space to keep up with a growing business and the state’s transportation planning.

More than 100 Hopedale residents are asking for the state to step in, and six separate petitions have been filed. The Residents to Protect Hopedale Resources is one of the petitioners, but lawyers for Grafton and Upton say their case was “vague,” “conjectural,” and “speculative.” The legal team also states none of the petitioners have proven that they would be impacted by the land acquisition, and claims the petitions fail to meet state requirements.

The Residents to Protect Hopedale Resources are worried about Hopedale’s watershed and a possible public water source on the property.

Intervenor status would give residents and officials the green light to request information and get feedback, present written testimony and witnesses, cross-examine witnesses, file formal statements and appeal the final decision.

The state has not indicated when it will make a decision on the petitions or when any public hearings will be scheduled.

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