Could Canada’s prime minister be on the verge of making the life of Canadian National easier during rail protests?

Written by Bill Wilson, Editor-in-Chief
Canadian Pacific
Rail worker unions want more to be done to protect rail workers during the pandemic.
Canadian Pacific

Many Canadians are blaming Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the way he has handled the blockades on rails, which have been carried out by protestors of the Coastal GasLink pipeline. Trudeau has been at the center of the controversy for days now, and he also has been at the center of talks for a solution for Canadian National.

A report out of Canada is claiming Trudeau worked out a deal between Canadian National and Canadian Pacific to allow CN, which has been most affected by the blockades, to use CP lines for delivery. One such delivery happened in Montreal. CN rail containers carrying essential goods, like propane, arrived at the Canadian city over the weekend. CN and CP are not confirming an agreement was made.

Police broke up a blockade in Belleville, Ontario, on Feb. 24, but the protests continue, and whether or not CN will continue to jump on the back of CP for essential deliveries in the coming days is unclear.

Some businesses that rely on rail for delivery have been forced to use trucks, which cost thousands of dollars more.

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